#DirectionsEMEA 2018 - Where are we going?

#DirectionsEMEA 2018

02. November 2018 by Per Damsgaard Nielsen

Property Management: AI, SaaS and Business Central

The #DirectionsEMEA has just ended and Microsoft is continuing the course set for Business Central (former Dynamics NAV) last year.

Microsoft is stressing the importance of upgradability, user experience and SaaS in a world where changes are accelerating. Microsoft is hereby given thanks for investing heavily in the platform and catapulting both customers and partners into the future.

In the world Property Management where aging systems are dominating the scene presently the new MS paradigm is a game changer. Right now, we are in a transitional phase. But passed that customers will be much better off, because there are more resources and creative freedom to create their competitive edge.

The user experience is paramount and is getting simplified. Especially the possibility to reduce the no. of fields shown as default to users is super.

At a more strategic level Artificial Intelligence was emphasized. AI is going to give better insights. Let’s say spotting the tenancy’s that are in a higher risk of becoming vacant in the next 6 months. A pre-condition for that is to build and maintain a data-foundation for the property management business.

The platform is there and will become an integrated part of the Dynamics Eco-System. An API is already in place inside Business Central. We have a “data collection job” to do getting to realize that potential.

GDPR functionality is cleverly added to each field now as classification property. It’s not the complete story of handling GDPR inside Business Central but gives a good way in to handle the new legislation – also if data are logged or synchronized into the cloud.

The market is expanding with the global scope of Business Central. We have just finished an implementation in Shanghai that gives us clear evidence of the potential that platform has. Especially interesting for our new solution in the works where the essential business processes are parametrized, and emphasis was made to make the solution flexible. Just as an example we are using attributes rather than hardcoded fields.

As software architects we were especially pleased with of the session where the modulization of Business Central was mentioned as a future consideration. A language construct inform of “Contracts” (our brains translated that one into ”Interfaces”) between modules that might be introduced – Well from our point of view that is absolutely necessary so that modules and customizations can be loosely coupled and the architecture can honor that ambition.

Now that a file-based development platform is arising – lets also have namespaces, please… Those object numbers inside C/AL / AL are perhaps a bit obsolete 😊

A good Direction this year … Ambitious …. Let’s get up to speed!

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