Facility Management optimze the Property Management Administration

Facility Management Integration to Building Maintanance System

Define an clever work-cut to the Building Inspector...

9. marts 2020 by Per Damsgaard Nielsen

It is costwise optimal for the Administrator or Property Owner to put Property Maintenance on a Schedule. It becomes very powerful if the system has a detailed registration of the Building Components.

Another perspective are the costsavings that can be realized by supporting the Property Inspector (or Caretaker) with an efficiant Digital tool that support the otherwise manual Workprocesses. Registration errors can be avoided and data are current.

In Dynamics Property we are building an Integration that ties our finansial perspective of Property Management together with a Specialized Facility Management System.

At Dynamics Property we think that existing Digital Inspection Systems for moving in and out are the right way to go. The alternative is error phrone manual registrations and redundant manual updated data.

But by combining the Property Management Administratition System with a Specialized Facility Management System, the inspectios can be taken to a new level. Not only can the registrations be done very detailed but the flow between Maintanace, workflow and payment be streamlined.

An Integration to our Checklist functionality makes it possible thjat the Property Administrator can follow task completion in the Facility Management system while performing hes usual tasks.

Also worth mentioning is that our "Operation Company", makes it possible to have an overview of all processes in one context rather then they are "scattered" over multiple companies.

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