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Dynamics Property (NAV)

The Solution handles all kinds of Tenancy’s for Living, Business or Mixed purposes. The Property Management System exists inside Microsoft Dynamics NAV (Navision). The system is “Native” NAV and thereby can harvest on Microsoft’s mobile and Cloud-strategy. Furthermore, the product has a strong upgrade path and unique reporting facilities. The Solution can be delivered to NAV 2016 and upwards.

The Solution is built around the concepts of Clients, Property’s, Tenancy’s and Tenants.

Usability and Simplicity has been key Concerns when crafting the Solution. A Property is often placed in a company of its own – either for Risk Purposes or Tax Purposes. In Dynamics NAV one company is isolated from the others.

A small Property Management Administration can live with entering one Company at a time when collecting Rent. But in a large Administration this isn’t a plausible way. Dynamics Property offers a Mater Company for that Scenario. Collect rent in multiple Company’s from a single Company!

A Corporation that consists of for example 15 companies can place their Property Data in a single Master company and collect rent in one single Workflow. The alternative is to enter each company one at a time.

Easy to get up running

Master data can be imported through Dynamic NAV strong import tool – rapid start. An Excel template is exported from NAV and data is placed in it and then imported to NAV with proper validation.

Getting the right Overview

Microsoft Dynamics NAV is Role Based. That means that each user is presented with a tailored view of the needed Data. Data are placed in well-structured screen pages. We have built a Role Center for the Property Manager. It’s for example easy for the Property Manager to see with tenancies that are or becomes vacant in the Future.


Dynamics Property supports essential functions as Collecting Rent, handling Escalations and Cost accumulation and distribution accounting. The Amounts are placed on a tenancy level but can be overruled at the tenant level. Did you know that a Job module is part of Dynamics NAV. That means the NAV out of the Box offers a time registration system.

A Team Player

As a part of a Microsoft Product Microsoft Dynamics NAV plays together with the Office Products.

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